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logoMarcellux Bosq. - Writer


Sexual Manners in the XXI Century 

There's always been an appropriate way to talk to a lady, and also an proper way to ask her to go to bed with you. This book was written for those men who want to behave as gentlemen in the most intimate moments, and for those women who'd wish to be treated as ladies, even when they are wearing nothing at all.

The difference between a lady and a street walker is not the number of men they had, but their respective manners.

It is up to you to read it or not.


This book is about sex. Our own sex. Sex is a problem, the problem to get more sex. In the stone age, people used to solve this problem using the easy way. If you were a man looking for an intercourse, you just had to "go hunting" (hunting a girl, of course!). The girl used to awake in your cave, just to notice she was officially married (with you). Nothing else was needed. Perhaps some inquisitive reader may be wondering about her feelings… Feelings? What was that? Well, the fact is that the relationships between the sexes started to be more complicated, and more , and more… until now. We are living in a word that has changed its points of view dramatically about sex. However, there is something that every age in the history of the world had: Manners. Good manners, bad manners, improper behavior and lack of sensibility are characteristics of all human society. We are not exceptions to this rule.

That’s how the main idea of this book came to light.