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logoMarcellux Bosq. - Writer


Thematic Puzzles! Crossword & Word Search puzzles: The thematic of the games includes: Motion pictures, actors, music, writers, Internet, American Presidents, computers...etc


Whatís a puzzle? 

Very simple: It is Life: Life is a puzzle!

Having fun... What does it mean? 

Very simple: When you solve puzzles you have some fun... 


If you are looking for a hobby, or if you just want to have some fun... 



A thematic puzzle is a kind of crossword puzzle where all the questions are focused on a specific subject. For example: If we speak about classic horror films, a question could be:


"There is an actor that is remembered as the most popular Frankensteinís monster. His name was Boris..."

Of course, you have to answer Karloff.

There are different levels for the puzzles. To solve most of them you just need the knowledge that an average educated person has.

This book was born as a private and intimate hobby. I always loved to make puzzles and show them to my friends. However, my vision of the world was just that; to have a moment of fun and relax. I must confess that the idea of writing a book belongs to them. They told me to do it and persuaded me to go on. This book is then a tribute, a tribute to friendship.