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The error is related to banner of automatic publicity of geocities (the site where the pagina is lodged). Sometimes affluent load and does not take place that effect. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS OF NEURONAL NETWORKS ARTIFICIAL -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In order to look for books on Artificial Neuronal Networks (Neural Networks) or Artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) in I catalogue of books of Barnes & Noble: Press Aqui: I must warn to him that 95% of the works with respect to these subjects publish in language ingles, reason why suggest to look for in that language if this is possible. Of all ways, it is possible to be acceded to some translations to the Castilian of these books. One of the reasons by which I wrote east work is exactly, the lack of material in Spanish. Index Neuronal Networks: Introduction Some uses of the neuronal networks OCR: Definition The brain like system Programming the Neuron in Pseudocódigo. Memory Axioms for the computacional simulation of the biological process Main axiom Secondary axiom Equivalent artificial of the biological devices Passages for the execution of a neuronal network Step 1 Obtaining of Digitized Data Step 2 Generation of memory spaces Step 3 Order of preference or weight for the layers of neurons Step 4 Asignar to the first Array the status of entrance layer, which will be nourished of the plot to recognize Step 5: To assign to the last Array the status of exit layer, allowing that their values are transformed by the interaction of the other elements of the network Step 6: To assign arrays intermediate the status of " hidden layers ", allowing that their values are transformed by the interaction of the other elements of the network Step 7: To propagate Ahead: To make operations of transference between the data of the vectors simulating this way the sinápticas interconnections Step 8: To collect the value surplus of the layer of exits Step 9: allocation of actions determined for the exit of the network Informative: Operative Predictive Training of the neuronal network: weight for the layers of neurons Obtaining of suitable weights: Epilogue ANNEXED ANNEXED To Simbología and procedure to make Data flow diagrams ANNEXED B Introduction to the use of pseudocodigo: ANNEXED C digitalization of data data conversion to binary Case 1: A number Caso2: A letter Case 3: A character that is neither number nor letter Case 4: A Photo Case 5: A drawing in paper Case 6: Musical tonada Case 7: A x-ray Cases 8 - 12: Signal of radar, sonar, radio etc. ANNEXED D programming of some functions of activation ANNEXED and neuronal Network architectures MAIL OF READERS MISCELÁNEAS BIBLIOGRAPHY -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Webmaster: Lic. Marcelo Gonzalez Forest to If You are interested in reading other works of the author on related subjects can visit the pagina Fundamental Concepts of the Geneticos Algorithms , which deal with on another one the branches of the Artificial intelligence. Finally: To the author it would like much knowledge if its material like reference or reading in different scopes is being used. Please: If you have incluído or thinks to include references to this work in your own reports or material of reading, please hagamelo to know. Mandeme an email pressing aqui diciendome the name and the nature of its work or project so that it can include it in my personal listing (single for my use) of annexed works to mio. Following Pagina
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