Neuronal Networks: Introduction A deep desire of being able exists in the man to reproduce the cognoscitiva ability by artificial means. The fascination that intelligence as study matter has provoked to the human sort, can also be seen reflected in the appearance of a complete branch of the scientific study " called Artificial intelligence " to droughts or study of intelligence. One of the multiple branches by which it has been developed the investigation is the development of the calls " neuronal networks ". A neuronal network is the attempt of being able to make a computacional simulation of the behavior of parts of the human brain by means of the retort in small scale of the patterns that this one carries out for the formation of results from the perceived events. Concretely, one is to be able to analyze and to reproduce the learning mechanism and recognizing of events that have the evolved animals more. One of the questions more interesting than considers when speaking of this subject is the ability of the brain to be able to recognize patterns. Recognition of patterns to the capacity is denominated to be able to interpret a complex image (a photo, which sees the eye) and to act consequently. The digital computers were designed from a binary logic (of 2 values 0 - 1 or True one - False), which although facilitated its construction, it has had like effect a great difficulty to process and to recognize images, photos, planes and drawings. - IWin: Juegos GRATIS por Internet. Registrese y juegue SIN CARGO Following Pagina Previous Pagina
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