Some uses of the neuronal networks A small boy can watch a familiar photo and to recognize immediately to the father, the familiar mascot and to you hoist them of the garden with a 100% of effectiveness. A computer, nevertheless, requires much work of programming to be able to do the same, and even so, the dista result to have the human precision much. If the computer has a system of recognition of patterns, can obtain images of a video camera and by itself act in tasks such as the recognition of entrances and exits of the Personnel of a company identifying to the subject by means of the capture of a video image. An alternative system consists of the readers of digital tracks. Scanner tiny it digitizes the digital track and it forms patron with her, who can look for in the data base of personnel. At the moment also is available the technology of reading of rainbow by infrared rays. The person for in front of a reader and this digitizes an image of the eye. The rainbow forms patron unico for each person who can be used as metodo of identification similar to the digital tracks In the same way, the human being is relatively simple to recognize the patterns of the written by hand writing being that this task is extremely difficult for computadora.Existen programs that try to obtain this objective generically called OCR (Optical Character Recognition programs) that recognize the written by hand writing treating it as if they were patterns The operators of sonars are not another thing that people who recognize the auditory patterns registered by the sonar. If he is desired that the computer makes east work, it needs a system recognition of patterns to make the task. Following Pagina Previous Pagina
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