OCR: Definition A OCR program consists of a software that tries to turn the digitized image of a written by hand letter into a reasonable text file of being used by some text processor. The programs of OCR designed on algorítmicas bases (heuristic) are but the popular ones until the moment, but they have an appreciable degree of inaccuracy when the text presents/displays " noise ", is to say when the original one contains spots (like produced when fotocopiar a pagina) or symbols mixed with the text (a drawing) A program of OCR based on the recognition of patterns (as the neuronal networks) must have the ability of being able to draw for some or all these obstacles of way similar to as the human brain distinguishes with facility the text of a spot of fotocopiadora of the written letter. Of similar way, a system based on a neuronal network could recognize the image digitized of the refraction of a laser pulse on an object and identify of that way the materials whereupon the same one was done. { Freeman 1993 } makes reference to a neuronal network of its design that uses east procedure in bodies just painted of automobiles. The comparison of the discontinuities of the patterns with standard an optimal one allows to find out automatically as bodies well have not been painted. Connected east system to an arm robot painting injector, it is possible then to be ordered to him that repinte the piece. Military applications also use this principle. The bounce of digitized radar that sends an airplane to its opponent is recognized by a neuronal and compared network with the patterns of kept enemy airplanes in its memory. This way one recognizes the aerodynamic propertieses and the fuselage of the airplane and is deduced if a enemy apparatus or ally is. From a earth installation, the same principle is used to detect a missile that guides to the target to determine if the trajectory is correct or no. The rapidity whereupon is due to have information in the modern wars does that many of the selections that before corresponded to the human beings, now must be taken by the computer. { Gately 1996 } details a series of applications that could have the related neuronal networks to economic sciences. Some of them are: Fraud with credit cards Prediction of you break banking Applications for the credit cards Prices of Arbitration Analysis of the Market of Capitals Analysis of the financial health of the companies Selection of prospectos of Sale Projections of the Cash - flow Prediction of changes in the tendency of the market Predictions in the requirements of Personnel Each one of these ítems gives to foot for the accomplishment of works of specific investigation and development, which gives to an idea of the amplitude and abarcabilidad of this subject. Finally, it is possible to indicate that specially adaptable the neuronal networks are apara the scientific investigation of mathematical models of variables nonlinear. In these models, the effects of the mutual interrelation of the variables do that the attempts of solution by means of algorítmicos methods are very difficult to make. Following Pagina Previous Pagina
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