Programming the Neuron in Pseudocódigo. The computer programmers use certain techniques to be able to graficar better their work. One of them is the use of the Pseudocódigo call. This it is used to determine the logical steps that they would be due to use independently to make a program of the chosen language. The Annexed B contains pseudocode examples so that the reader can include/understand it although he is not familiarized with the operating one of the same one. If we wanted to write the masterful program with which the cell works we would have like result a structure similar to the following one. PROGRAM NEURON TO DO WHILE IMPULSES OF THE NEIGHBORING NEURONS ARE RECEIVED TO GATHER ELECTRICAL IMPULSE TO DECIDE TO AS NEURONS IS DUE TO UNLOAD THE ENERGY TO DO WHILE THEY ARE LEFT NEURONS WITHOUT TO HAVE RECEIVED IMPULSE TO SELECT RECEIVING NEURON TO UNLOAD ENERGY TO THE RECEIVING NEURON TO REINFORCE CONNECTION WITH THIS NEURON TO RETURN TO SELECT NEURON TO RETURN TO BEGIN This process continues until receiving neurons do not exist but but that the neurons are connected to a nervous terminal, (eyes, medula spinal etc.), which activates the sequence of corresponding action. These affirmations the existence of levels or layers of neurons is come off, that have like function the involution or diminution of the initial impulses. This is coherent with the investigations of the cerebral physiology, that agree in the existence of different specialized zones from the brain in certain functions. Following Pagina Previous Pagina
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